Devil's Potatoes Creative Agency | GOOD YEAR WINES: BORDEAUX TO SHANGHAI
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About This Project

Overlooking the rolling hills of endless vineyards and ancient stone farmhouses, Good Year Wines is based near Bordeaux in the heart of the French Aquitaine. Renowned for the world’s most prestigious wine chateaux and famous appellations – Sauternes, Saint-Emilion, Médoc – it is also home to more secret terroirs like Cote de Duras and Bergerac whose reputations are growing year by year.

Good Year Wines markets and exports wines from France, Argentina and South Africa to the rapidly growing market in China. Some of these wines are surplus to their producers, who are receptive to new names and designs for their labels.

Sticky has helped Good Year Wines have a very good year by designing its website and labels, providing translation of the site and labels from English to Chinese, and by integrating QR codes on the labels so buyers can learn more about the company and its portfolio of wines right at point-of-sale.

Below are samples of some of the work.

This La Grivette label was our first design for Good Years Wines.  Chinese wine buyers gravitate toward wines with labels that feature lots of gold, red and classic cues.  When this label was displayed alongside 11 other existing Bordeaux options at the Chengdu Wine Festival in April, it was consistently ranked first or second by voters.  The old-fashioned name, La Grivette, comes from the tiny birds that still fly over the meadows and vineyards in this beautiful region of France.  

Above are labels that are a bit more modern and conceptual. Below are designs that are more traditional — and more in line with Chinese tastes and sensibilities.

Below is an example of one of our designs for a major wine producer in South Africa, also represented by Good Year Wines. The producer currently has distribution in China, with limited success. However, when Good Year Wines showed our designs at the Shanghai International Wine & Spirits Exhibition this May, the response was overwhelmingly positive — so much so that Good Year Wines has secured advance sales for South African wines, and a commitment from the producer to engage the Chinese market with an approach that better romanticizes the mystique of Africa.

Separately, the two companies have partnered in La Reole, France to convert a former automobile museum into a covered market, where throughout the year local producers can showcase and sell their wines, meats, cheeses, crafts and so forth.  Below are a few of the materials we created to introduce the location and first event, le Marché Nocturne (Night Market).

Variations of the logo were created to work on everything from brightly-colored posters to a more formal letterhead.

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