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About This Project

We have created a number of videos for Hiperos, the leader in third party risk management. The videos play on Clear Channel wide screens throughout O’Hare Airport, and at the Hiperos website.

Several videos feature third party people from around the world speaking in Arabic, Mandarin, Lithuanian, and English, and brazenly explaining how they might put the company that hired them at risk.

Every year, companies engage more third parties — suppliers, vendors, contract manufacturers, resellers, service companies, brokers, agents, distributors, contractors, franchisees, affiliates, subsidiaries, joint ventures, captives and other entities, both foreign and domestic. Third party relationships pose risks: supply chain disruption, environmental or social accountability issues, regulatory compliance problems, security breaches, information leaks, even risk of fraud or bribery.

Hiperos 3PM™ is the market leading solution for third party management, implemented by the “Who’s Who” of companies across industries including Financial Services, Energy, Food and Beverage, Healthcare, High Tech, Manufacturing, Oil and Gas, and Pharmaceutical, who recognize that inadequate third party management can result in damaged reputations, regulatory exposure, and revenue loss. Hiperos has proven successes in risk identification and management at some of the world’s leading companies, including Aetna, CA Technologies, Microsoft, State Street, TD Bank and United Technologies.

B2B, Corporate, Video Production