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Equestrian, Fashion + Lifestyle, Original Content, Travel + Leisure
About This Project

Our new brand entertainment + HD video production unit The Quest Productions is creating an entertainment series called THE EQUESTRIANS.

THE EQUESTRIANS features music, fashion, travel, and lifestyle to leverage the massive brand potential of this fascinating yet often exclusive world.

THE EQUESTRIANS is written in short-story format, with songs serving as a narrative.

There are eight main topics, each with about 10 to 12 related short stories/episodes:

Dance For Your Life

So You Wanna Buy A Horse?

Everybody Looks Good In Britches

Show Me

The Power To Move Us

Youth Must Be Served

Freedom Is The Ultimate Luxury

Heaven Is A Little Closer On A Horse.

The Equestrians already features brands such as MINI, Cavalleria Toscana apparel, and boots from Parlanti Roma and Der Dau, Footing First, Beval Saddlery, locations such as the Washington International Horse Show, Dressage at Devon, World Equestrian Center, The Royal Horse Show, and the International Gold Cup Races, the University of Georgia Bulldogs, JOTT, Culinary Collective, and some of the world’s top riders, including two-time U.S. Olympic Gold Medalist McLain Ward.

THE EQUESTRIANS will provide original content, strategic marketing, digital and film services, integrated sponsorships, and a media platform to give brands greater reach and impact.

THE EQUESTRIANS is narrated — sparsely — by ancient Greek historian, soldier, and horseman, Xenophon, who essentially relays the”wisdom” of horses in his role as The Messenger:


OPEN on Historian, Soldier, and Equestrian XENOPHON, with his horse.  He speaks to camera.


I am Xenophon.  But you can call me simply, The Messenger.  Historians and theologians will debate exactly when The Message I am about to share first began, but let’s just say it’s been around longer than you and I both.  Like by 50 million years.  Since even the first grunts of language didn’t exist, The Message didn’t need to be spoken.  The divine creatures that clearly understood this silent yet loud Message heeded its Great Wisdom to not only survive but also to thrive.  They evolved to be taller, faster, more graceful, more beautiful, even —some might say — more enlightened.  They could channel The Message to one another, and still do to this day.  However, when we arrived with our predatory nature and knuckles scraping the earth, The Message got misinterpreted.  Though we admired these majestic beings, we also desired them, to carry us, our armor, and our ambitions, on The Quest for whatever compels us.  Leaving us saddled with our own burdens, mistakes, and miseries.  Because there are two sides to The Quest, one side tame, one side wild, one side desire, one side reason, and without understanding The Message, The Quest can be a double-edged sword.  So now I will attempt to deliver the Message in your speak.  For your own good — let me rephrase that —for your own survival — this time you may want to pay attention.