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Beer, Oldies But Goodies, Previous Work
About This Project

Our Creative Director once ran the Budweiser group at DDB Chicago, where he and his team including Andy Anema, Tim Nichols, Bruce Ritter, Brian Billow, Bart Culberson, Kevin Kearns, Ari Halper, and Brad Morgan did some fun work.  In order: Mind Control, directed in Los Angeles by Charles Wittenmeyer. Raindance, filmed in South Africa, track by Genuine Music. Bud World Party for the 1996 Atlanta Summer Games, filmed in Mexico, China, Italy, and Los Angeles by Zack Snyder, featuring the song “Connection” by Elastica.  I Know What Guys Want, directed by Geoffrey Barish, with a song re-make by Genuine Music. Have a Beer with Nostradamus, Genghis Khan, and Confucius done in collaboration with Brand New School, featuring actor Brendan Hunt, who now stars on Ted Lasso.  Check ID was filmed in Toronto, directed by Richard D’Alessio. Slainte filmed in Canada (part at the Ice Hotel in Quebec), the Czech Republic, Kenya, and Australia, directed by Ian Mackenzie.  You Are What You Eat McDonald’s commercial was short-listed at Cannes, directed by Noam Murro.